Pierre-Louis Mascia X Cabana Magazine

Pierre-Louis Mascia capsule collection with Palais Galliera coming exclusively to Cabana. Inspired by 18th century prints, this timeless collection features a series of velvet dressing gowns, twill scarves, silk trousers, and more.



The delicate, refined, floral pattern of a gentleman’s dressing-gown thus gets metamorphosed by the severe lines of a print intended for a necktie, and redesigned into a reversible kimono made from quilted silk.

The flounces of a cotton camisole printed with an engraved copper plate (around 1780) are enlarged and immortalized to create the material of a long shirt with a Mao collar.

Each garment thus “recomposed” is matched with a scarf with double-sided printed patterns – a true technical feat.

Bridging the gap between prêt à porter and home textiles, the eight prints enliven a series of velvet pyjamas, dressing gowns, quilts and Venetian slippers. The loungewear garments have a natural sort of sophistication which blurs the frontier between indoor and outdoor, thus inviting you to wear them for an evening party too.

Says Pierre-Louis Mascia: “Those prints tell us about ourselves, about who we are, and I want to be part of that memory. This timeless collection, entirely made from silk, which can be mixed with the prêt à porter line, is above all an encounter with the people who desired, commissioned, then wore those clothes. Their vision has remained intact throughout the centuries. I have simply made some additions and mixed different periods, freeing myself from any constraints or taboos. My only rule is that of creation.”

An unprecedented alliance between history and technical skills, past and present, indoor and outdoor, baroque and modern design; above all the capsule collection conveys emotion and meaning.

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