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Memories of a time where all species co-existed harmoniously. A homage to Nature and a warning to the human race. Nature is the protagonist, both in the design and in the substance, of Pierre-Louis Mascia’s capsule collection. 

All the silk shirts are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard), which grants the content of natural fibers from organic origin, the traceability throughout the entire production process, the restrictions on the use of chemical products and respect for environmental and social criteria in all phases of the production chain. 

The Organic Silk capsule, Memories - Chapter 1. 

From his personal illustration archives Pierre-Louis Mascia has selected and reinterpreted nine botanical and entomological 19th century prints featuring sophisticated images of sinuous birds or delicate dragonflies and bees. 

Amongst the prints only one relates to the human species, a motive of small graphical pencil-sketched skulls, symbolizing the risk run by our species with its non-sustainable behavior. The evocative prints are artfully placed, a novelty for PLM, master of all-over. 

The Organic Silk capsule, Memories - Chapter 2. 

Pierre-Louis Mascia reinterprets spring flowers, shells, minerals and corals taken from his personal archive of illustrations. The new edition of the Organic Silk capsule aims to remind us that the mineral and aquatic world is disappearing and, like a scrapbook, evokes the beauty of what has already disappeared. A way of challenging the fragility of the mineral and plant world.