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memories, the organic silk capsule collection

Memories of a time where all species co-existed harmoniously. A homage to Nature and a warning to the human race. Nature is the protagonist, both in the design and in the substance, of Pierre-Louis Mascia’s capsule collection. All the silk shirts are GOTS certified (Global Organic Textile Standard), which grants the content of natural fibers from organic origin, the traceability throughout the entire production process, the restrictions on the use of chemical products and respect for environmental and social criteria in all phases of the production chain.


vizir capsule collection

The Vizir capsule, a name that evokes a Persian world where culture and the art of living are sophisticated and refined, is the ideal meeting of visual art and dynamism.  Inspired by a concept of 1950s elegance, in particular by two icons such as Fred Astaire and Yma Sumac, Vizir embodies an idealized vision of sportswear, where elegance and creativity meet comfort and technique. Within this collection, the collaboration on a sneaker with Diadora, a renowned brand whose silhouettes made the history of style and sport in the 80s and 90s, will be presented exclusively.

Marie Cristophe

marie cristophe x pierre louis mascia

Like a fashion illustration, Marie sculpts unlimited numbers of subjects, all with the most gracious figures. Lines like a lyrical representation, as a drawing with volume, the art of creating solid elements with voids ! An animal bestiary, multiple symbolism and abstract figures, all created with playfulness and timeless elegance, I love to fill my projects with her spirit-filled works.

Intemporel Collection

Intemporel Collection

Bringing back to life long-forgotten 18th century prints and using the power of ultra-modern design to catapult them into the 21st century: that is what Pierre-Louis Mascia has imagined, tapping into the collections of the Palais Galliera, the Paris Museum of Fashion. The idea sprang from the designer’s meeting with Pascale Gorguet-Bollesteros, the curator in charge of the “18th century and dolls” department in the Museum. Coming exclusively to Cabana Magazine.

costumi d'arte

pierre louis mascia x costumi d'arte

In his collaboration with the theatrical tailoring company "Costumi d'Arte" Pierre-Louis Mascia intended a connection with the eternal present moment, the only condition of human existence, in the project he called "éternel présent". The research carried out through the rich archive of theatre and film costumes, which have now become true icons of a moment unrepeatable of Tiber's Hollywood, has triggered suggestions and connections between the tailor's garments and the creations designed by Pierre-Louis Mascia from 2011 to the present day.


anne et valentin x pierre louis mascia "je suis comme je suis"

Sometimes, an encounter is best defined by the differences and the common ground it reveals. Exploring what the other is all about becomes an opportunity to tell a new story... The PAROLES concept is the result of two entities meeting with, at its core, a love for culture and for the city of Toulouse. Different sets of expertise. Different universes. Common sense of aesthetics, a shared passion for color, graphic design and art. These common territories led to a fertile and daring creative exchange. Two brands finding each other, both known for their attachment to authenticity, away from the trend. A joyful collaboration, free from predetermined codes.