Pierre-Louis Mascia/Palais Galliera capsule collection

Bringing back to life long-forgotten 18th- century prints and using the power of ultra-modern design to catapult them into the 21st century: that is what Pierre-Louis Mascia has imagined, tapping into the collections of the Palais Galliera, the Paris Museum of Fashion.

Pierre-Louis Mascia presents the new capsule collection in cooperation with the Palais Galliera, exclusively available at cabanamagazine.com


The idea sprang from the designer’s meeting with Pascale Gorguet-Bollesteros, the curator in charge of the “18th century and dolls” department in the Museum. She gave him access to the 18th- century archives, neglected by most curators and designers who prefer the 19th - century collections seen as less remote, more numerous, and easier to draw from because they are less “theatrical”.

Pierre-Louis Mascia then picked out eight historic items with remarkable prints. By mixing their patterns with very modern ones he created a timeless capsule collection made up of loungewear with sober, essential cuts, equally suitable for evening wear.






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