VIZIR capsule collection

Pierre-Louis Mascia presents a special project developed on an elevated sportswear concept: Vizir, a capsule collection inspired by the world of sport.

The Vizir capsule, a name that evokes a Persian world where culture and the art of living are sophisticated and refined, is the ideal meeting of visual art and dynamism. Inspired by a concept of 1950s elegance, in particular by two icons such as Fred Astaire and Yma Sumac, Vizir embodies an idealized vision of sportswear, where elegance and creativity meet comfort and technique.


Within this collection, the collaboration on a sneaker with Diadora, a renowned brand whose silhouettes made the history of style and sport in the 80s and 90s, will be presented exclusively. For the occasion, the Pierre-Louis Mascia’s creative inspiration has created a dialogue between the ikat technique - from which he drew inspiration for the graphics - and the Diadora aesthetic.

The Vizir capsule collection will consist of three total outfits - developed in three different prints, one of which coordinated with the new sneakers - and will include a windbreaker hoodie in waterproof silk, a reinterpretation of the tennis tracksuit with zip jacket and jogger pants, t-shirts, shorts and leggings; for accessories, in addition to the Diadora sneakers, a 140x140 silk yoke and a bucket hat will be proposed.


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