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Since the beginning of his creative career, Pierre-Louis Mascia has approached research with a multidisciplinary approach as an integral part of the final project, selecting, reworking and mixing different elements - art, design, craftsmanship and everyday suggestions - into a new code that soon became his personal way of expressing the world. 

When Mascia transformed his graphic art into a clothing project, the research methodology took a further step forward to develop 3D patterns that become two-dimensional prints and then three-dimensional again on the human body. This transformation lies at the heart of the project; the research and subsequent editing are not an exercise in style but an essential preparatory step to the final project. In his collaboration with the theatrical tailoring company "Costumi d'Arte" Pierre-Louis Mascia intended a connection with the eternal present moment, the only condition of human existence, in the project he called "éternel présent". The research carried out through the rich archive of theatre and film costumes, which have now become true icons of a moment unrepeatable of Tiber's Hollywood, has triggered suggestions and connections between the tailor's garments and the creations designed by Pierre-Louis Mascia from 2011 to the present day. 

In the photographs taken, each outfit is composed of a garment or an accessory selected from the Costumi d'Arte archive already worn by some of the most iconic film stars, to which a garment from past Pierre-Louis Mascia collections has been matched, chosen to highlight existing connections or triggered by the editing operation in a never accidental synchronicity of bringing together things apparently distant in time and space but connected by Pierre-Louis' sensitivity. The combinations gave rise to a series of totally new outfits shot inside the Costumi d'Arte premises: the tailor's shop, the Archive dedicated to ancient Roman costumes, the Warehouse. 

From the shots taken during the shooting, new and original patterns will be extrapolated that, thanks to the special technique developed specifically for the brand by the historical company of the Como silk district Achille Pinto, will give life to a special capsule of items signed Pierre-Louis Mascia/Costumi d'Arte in a limited edition.