fw21 collection
Starting from a careful observation of colors - inspired by the theories defined in the XX century by Ludwig Wittgenstein - the artist Pierre-Louis Mascia summarizes his research in the 16 print copyright patterns around which the collection is developed, dividing the individual palettes into pixels, as a chromatic moodboard. Each theme has a chromatic deploy and a graphic one in which the collection project shapes up. From the 2D space we then move on to a 3D environment that is developed on garments encoded and xed in the typical silhouette of the brand, made of enve- loping outerwear, strati cations of light textures in contrast with full-bodied and so fabrics, all printed in harmonic nuances.
Grand Bazaar
Know and know-how: for the new Fall Winter collection Pierre-Louis Mascia confirms how it is necessary to link knowledge and research with a skilful production and consolidated know-how, in order to obtain the maximum result. Along the creative path that Mascia undertook with Achille Pinto, the quality of the project is the natural result of the synergy between theory and practice in a true wisdom of doing things well, an aesthetic that never lacks ethics and a pragmatic sustainability.
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