ss23 collection
Pierre-Louis Mascia's creativity has established a dialogue between past, present and future that draws from multi-faceted aesthetic universes, from the photography of Nan Goldin and Scott Schuman - an emblem of technology and modernity - to the folkore, the latter being an example of how the past - through the lens of fashion - can adapt to the present and the future. In this regard, the French designer's research has focused on the typical costumes of Eastern Europe, in particular Ukraine and Poland: a geographical area in deep transformation and always cradle of great visionaries. Cotton jacquard knitwear, waistcoats conceived as overcoats, silk shirts and trousers with different fits - right down to embroidered silk and cotton caftans, jacquard kimonos, denim and silk and cotton jacquard belts - narrate this constant research that sees, as always, in the prints on the different fabrics, from silk to cashmere, its distinctive feature.
Éternel présent
The circular aspect of nature, in an eternal succession of its phenomena, is the inspiration behind the creative research for Pierre-Louis Mascia's Spring/Summer 2023 collection. Fabrics, prints, shapes and colours emerge from a renovated awareness of how inspiration - like all vital impulses - is linked to a circular motion in which the past predicts the present and sets the future, giving shape to an eternal present. Modernity is thus intrinsically linked to the sense of 'returning', in a succession of vibrations and images that draw on the cycle of natural phenomena, such as the enchantment of the eternal flower blossoming, which is a source of inspiration for many artists, from the Impressionist movement to the contemporary ones.
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