ss21 collection
Inspired by the Taoist concept of the “present time” as the only concrete reality of being, free of past regrets and future fears, Pierre-Louis Mascia's project develops on the antithetical symbiosis between the solidity of the stone and the lightness of the air. The solid element is expressed in its natural characters, with its neutral color and its mineral quality; the air, by its mobile and inconsistent essence, is transparent and in perpetual change. Opposites become symbiotic and can not be without each other. The collection is conceptualized starting from the metamorphosis of the scarf, the origin of the brand. Silk as a season less material taking up the centrality of the project. The collection will proceed with thematic drops presented through fifteen outfits with a unisex spirit.
Solid Lightness
From the lesson of history, without a nostalgic nod, the Pierre-Louis Mascia collection project becomes completely alienated from the concept of time, transcending seasons and redesigning the relationship between the human factor and the innate need to protect through dressing. The focus is on a concept of "present" that identifies with the "here and now". Knowing how to live the present by redesigning a way of producing, consuming and living a more sustainable life and close to the needs of a changing world: the new design has been inspired by the powerful symbol of a tree whose roots are planted strongly in the ground to leave the branches free to move in the wind. Strength and stability as essential elements of lightness and an element of simplification.
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